The Ringlet: Weapons of Mass Detanglement

The Ringlet is a celebration of curly hair by hairdresser Sapphire Lewis

Last week I spent no less than 30mins detangling my hair. Thirty minutes. I think the one massed dreadlock that had formed on my head had a lot to do with a stressful week, a lot of humidity in the air, a couple of days of tying it up and generally being too busy to wash my hair.

In the past I used to pour a load of cheap conditioner on my hair and attack it with a Denman brush whilst it was wet. No wonder it never felt like it was growing – it was probably all snapping off. So when Tangle Teezers launched it was like they had been sent from heaven. I honestly think they are the best invention of the 21st Century (so far…) and I break out into a cold sweat if I go on holiday and realise too late at the airport that I’ve forgotten to bring mine with me. Thank goodness for Boots. And another Tangle Teezer gets added to the collection.

This week I made sure I didn’t let it get beyond the 7 day point and dutifully set aside an extra 30 minutes for my hair routine. Then came the detangling part. But rather than my usual Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme conditioner I decided to reach for something with a bit more viscosity and lubrication – Sebastian Penetraitt conditioner.

This conditioner is thick and spreads really well through knotty hair. It is designed for dry and damaged hair and literally penetrates all the missing cuticle gaps in the hair to seal each strand which enables them to slip past each other rather than snag and snarl up. Teamed with my trusty Tangle Teezer I managed to comb through the knots within a mere 10mins and my entire hair wash was over in 15. This gave me an extra 15 minutes to faff and do nothing productive before work. Bliss.

So if your hair has taken a beating and needs something stronger to help detangle it, get something thicker on it. Good alternatives for all budgets are TreSemme Luxurious Moisture Conditioner (supermarket sweep) or Pureology Super Smooth Conditioner (salon treat).

Sebastian also do an excellent Penetraitt Masque which only needs to be on for 2-3minutes so is great for a quick moisture fix if your hair is feeling especially dry.

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