Young and Lost Club’s Sara and Nadia

Photography by Katie Bagley
Shot in London, England

Nadia: I co founded independent record label Young & Lost Club with Sara. We put out debut singles for a lot of bands (Bastille, Johnny Flynn, Young The Giant, Snakadaktal) and released Noah & The Whale’s first three albums, two of which went gold and one platinum.


Sara: [Now] I work as Music Supervision, mostly for fashion and beauty campaigns, at Mario Testino.

Nadia: About two years ago I fell in love with Pilates and as we slowed the label down I started taking up Pilates Teacher Training. After our last release this month I am concentrating on passing my exams and hoping to become a full time Pilates teacher this year!

Sara: I made all the classic teenager mistakes of cutting my hair too short and over plucking my eyebrows.  My hair is naturally very curly so cutting it into a chic bob was never going to work. It was permanently pretty pouffy.

Being at an all girls boarding school meant that most of the time no one made much effort appearance wise, though I did wash my hair. Some friends would go weeks without washing their hair.


“I was a very geeky teenager! Thick glasses, braces and terrible flare jeans. I loved wearing my favourite bands t-shirt and often customised them! I also used to wear lots of silver eyeshadow and had very short hair. My four brothers teased me a lot about how awful I looked!” – Nadia

Sara: [Now] in the morning I’ll wash my face with Cetaphil or just Bioderma Sensibio H20, then moisturise with Aveeno Ultra Calming SPF15, which I have to bring back from America. In the summer I’ll switch to EltraMD UV Clear SPF 46, which is strong enough on holiday too.

Nadia: Every morning before I shower I use a bristle brush over my body, it does hurt a bit but gets rid of all your dead skin and gets the circulation going! I then use a gel cleanser and my Clairsonic brush on my face.

Sara: Last time I was in New York my luggage was delayed for four days, so I got to know all the ladies in Sephora pretty well buying replacement products. They all said that eyecream is the best for mornings, and they also introduced me to First Aid Beauty Milk Oil Conditioning Cleanser, which is super soothing.

Nadia: I use Guinot face cream and eye cream and lots of body lotion from Clarins, I like how rich all their creams are and I’ve been using their “Eau Dynamisante” body spray for years.


“Hourglass Liquid Lipstick in Raven survived Five Guys Burger followed by a Michael Buble concert so you know that’s a keeper” – Sara

Sara: I don’t wear make-up everyday, though usually I’ll brush my eyebrows and curl my eyelashes. If I want to look slightly more presentable then I’ll use RMS “Un” Cover-Up Concealer and their Living Luminizer, and Bite’s Agave Lip Mask they’re all so totally organic they’re edible.

If I’m doing proper make-up, which is probably once a week (Nadia will kill me!), then I’ll wear Jouer Lumizing Moisture Tint, Cle de Peau concealer, Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Palate, YSL cream blush in the bright pink, Hourglass Eyebrow pencil, then liquid liner flick probably from Eyeko, or Chanel do a really nice graphite colour one, or a Stila navy smudgy pencil, or this Stila eyeshadow in rose gold.

Then Maybeline mascara, there’s a nice fluffy one you can only get in America, or the classic pink and green one. I put everything on with my fingers, much speedier!

Nadia: I don’t put on make up in the daytime as I’m always running around to Pilates School and classes and hate getting sweaty with any make up on. I did have my eyebrows tattooed about a year ago with Shavata and that makes me feel a bit more put together with no make up on.

In the evening when I go out I use Giorgio Armani foundation, bronzer and Charlotte Tilbury eye make up. I can’t live without Charlotte Tilburys eye make up – I use her eyeshadow palette La Dole Vita and her brown eye pencil. I have tried a lot of brown eye pencils and this one really is the best.

Sara: I couldn’t live without my Clarisonic, body moisturiser CeraVe, which I love because it’s super moisturising.


Sara: Hair wise, every curly haired girl has a very specific routine right?! I use Rahua shampoo and conditioner, which is crazy expensive so I always ask for it for Christmas and birthday presents. It’s sulphate free too. Then Living Proof’s serum, then Morroccan Oil, then a tiny bit of Oribe’s Curly Hair mousse. I blow-dry my fringe and then I don’t touch it! Gary at Josh Wood cuts my hair, I think he’s amazing. Phillip Kingsley’s Elasticizer is a hair saver too.

I remember reading a Kate Moss interview where she said “when in doubt – wash your hair”, which is true, nothing makes me feel better then clean hair.

Nadia: I never wash my own hair but get two blow dries a week; I won’t go in any shower or bath without my bath hat on!

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